a collection of isaan guitar music from thailand

There’s nothing like Isaan guitar music from Thailand. A perfect blend of blistering psychedelia, improvisation, and traditional eastern modes, it combines so many things that I love about music, that once I go down the rabbit hole, it’s almost impossible to get out. I’ve been totally obsessed with it for years. This remarkable music seems bridge northern Thia culture. It’s performed at the formal functions, weddings, and on the street. Unfortunately very recordings have reached the west. I’ve spent countless hours on searching out as much as I can online, and thought I’d share some of my favorite video clips. The incredible two hour marathon, featured above, is Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band. I notice an edited version of this blew up on social media a few months back, and caught the attention of the mainstream media. They’re one of the few bands have have readily available recordings. You can check them out here

Isaan street band, Bangkok (กองอีสาน)


พิณประยุกต์พัชรศิลป์ม่วนๆ มันส์ๆ


 บ้านเสียงพิณ // อ.ม๊าด เจ้าภาพขอ 1 เพลง


วงแห่ตนภูธรvsอ.แต๊ก ลำเพลิน


Isaan from the north eastern provinces


Blind Guitarist In Pattaya, Thailand




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