a meeting of remarkable minds, a live radio discussion between annea lockwood and pauline oliveros from december 1972

My adoration for Pauline Oliveros is well established. I have written on the composers life and work many times in the past. Annea Lockwood, whose efforts are nearly as close to heart, has not been attended to enough. Lockwood is among the most radical and striking voices of her generation of British composers – continuously breaking ground from the 1960’s on. She has lived and worked in England, New Zealand, and the United States, and, with Oliveros and Jocy De Oliveira, was one of a tiny handful of female composers to have been invited to contribute the legendary Source: Music of the Avant-Garde. Though most recognized for her work with glass – bowed, struck, resonating, and broken, her output is vast and incredibly diverse and worth exploring at length.


 Anna Lockwood ‎– Glass World Of Anna Lockwood (1970)

In 1972, Lockwood and Oliveros both found themselves in the Bay Area, and met for the first time – instigating a live radio discussion on the Ode to Gravity program on KPFA-FM, and a performance of an number of Lockwood’s works by an ensemble which included Don Buchla, Barry Conyngham, John Lifton, Joanna Brouk, Tony Gnazzo, Richard Friedman, Allen Strange, John Dinwiddie, Tom Zahuranec, and Harvey Matusow, as well as a tape work. It’s an incredible document which we are very lucky to have found preserved. It encounters Oliveros and Lockwood expressing a deep awareness and respect for the other’s work, caught in a drifting and beautifully unordered conversation about dreams, meditation and aspects of their own work. It is a lovely window into the thoughts, enthusiasms, and personalities of these wonderful artists – a lost moment, frozen in time. In the history of the feminist avant-garde, this is a singular event – equally a fantastic opportunity to explore the broader and less recognized aspects of Lockwood’s incredible body of work. Sink in and enjoy, taking its beautiful spirit into your day.

-Bradford Bailey

The broadcast recording comes courtesy of Other Minds (www.otherminds.org and http://www.radiOM.org)


Annea Lockwood and Pauline Oliveros on Ode to Gravity, December 1972

Note: The program is in two parts, advance the player froward to hear the second.











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