a mix for commend nyc, by bradford bailey of the hum

A short while back, I was asked by the lovely folks from Commend in New York – a storefront extension of RVNG, if I would like to make a mix for their ongoing Sides series. Given that making mixes is a lifelong passion – dating to my early teens, and that I’m a big fan of the shop, with its wider program of events, workshops, and concerts, I happily obliged.

I shared the final result via social media a week ago, but it occurred to me that some readers might not follow The Hum via those outlets, and thus may not know it exists. While I’m embedding the mix below, Nina from Commend was kind enough to ask for my thoughts in an interview, which accompanies the post on their website. If you feel so inclined, I recommend heading there and reading while you listen. I hope you find as much pleasure and surprise within, as I encountered in its making.

-Bradford Bailey



1. Gregory Jones / Roy Sablosky – No Moon No Mirror

2.Lilienthal – Die Fluten des Amazones

3. Laurie Spiegel – Appalachian Grove 1

4. Babia – Misterio del Entendimiento

5. Arica – Absorption

6. Ariel Kalma – Pagnifico

7. Yes-Kaz – The Gate of Breathing

8. Benjamin Lew – Les Traces D’Un Pont

9. J.D. Emmanuel – Moving Backwards in Time

10. Carl Erdmann – Holobizzarre

11. Ros Bandt – Annapurna (Lime)

12. Chaitanya Hari – First Stage

13. Pauline Oliveros – Watertank Software

























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