bradford bailey (of the hum) live set on dublab radio, 05-27-18

These last months have been a rough run. Imagined and presumed futures collapsing. Lost love. Friendships failing. Isolation, exhaustion, and feelings of relentless self-doubt. As is so often the case, the brush must burn for new life to grow. One foot forward, and out the other side.

While I’m often open about my politics and opinions, my own life, currently at a crossroads, facing so many unknowns, rarely factors into the mix. Why would it. It’s far from musical. And thus, I remain known but unknown.

Around the middle of May, I boarded a plane, departing Mexico City where I’ve lived for nearly 3 years, escaping to a city which has never been close to my heart, LA. I needed to get away for a month or so, and had been offered an open door which I couldn’t refuse. I was greeted by open arms – a wonderful community of friends, new and old, reminding me of why I do what I do, filling me with much needed support, happiness and hope – an unplayable debt.

While I was there, the folks over at Dublab kindly offered me on open slot on the radio – the first time I had ever attempted such a thing. Those two hours turned out to be one of the great highlights of my trip. Despite being nervous as hell, I had a blast. It was an absolute joy. Nothing makes me happier than talking about the music I love, and sharing it with others. Turns out the radio, a medium which I’ve never really engaged with, is pretty damn good fit.

I sent the recording of the set out via social media around the time, but realized that many of my readers may not have encountered it. Thus I’m posting it here. And so, putting a face (above) and voice (below) to man behind The Hum, I truly hope you enjoy it. There’s some pretty incredible music within. Many thanks to the wonderful folks who invited me on ( especially Jesse Justice and Jesse Peterson), it was a joy to be involved and a true highlight of my trip. With luck I’ll get to do it again. (The track list is below the player.)

-Bradford Bailey



Bradford Bailey – Live Set on Dublab Radio, 05-27-18

Simone Forti – Molimo

Ashley Bellouin – Bourdon

Laurie Speigel – Patchwork

Arnold Dreyblatt – The Odd Fellows

Mkwaju Ensemble – Mkwaju

Annea Lockwood – Water gong

Bernard Parmegiani – Rencotre

Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta – Tamatava

Richard Horowitz – Bandit Nrah Master of Rajasthan

CV & JAB – Large Suess Plant

Eblen Macari – La Constelacion Del Pejelagarto

Ariel Kalma – Slow Tracing

Carl Stone – Banteay Srey

Chas Smith – After

Ed Hartman – River Pt. 1 : In the Woods

Luc Ferrari – Atelier De Liberation De La Musique





2 thoughts on “bradford bailey (of the hum) live set on dublab radio, 05-27-18

  1. hi, i’ve really enjoyed your writing and have always appreciated the personal bits that you include here and there in connection to music. very sorry to hear life has gone in unexpected and uncertain directions. wishing you all the best and hope everything works out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Phil! That means a lot. In the end these things tend to be for the best. Everything is moving in positive and productive directs. A mysterious future isn’t all bad. Thanks for the kind words. Best, B


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