As most people know both Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt began their careers as creative artists and members of Fluxus. The term Concept Art (which evolved into the more widely accepted Conceptual Art) was coined by Henry Flynt in 1961, and later elaborated on in his iconic essay of the same name published in An Anthology during 1963. Concept Art places an idea in front of aesthetic concerns – often existing as that idea alone. It became one of the core conceits embraced by Fluxus. Shortly after conceiving it Flynt and Conrad embarked on creating some of the first purely conceptual works. They were comprised of playful (often paradoxical) instructions for the viewer, and became the model for many artists who followed them. I have only encountered descriptions of these works. I’m unsure if they still exist in a physical form. Because they are incredibly important in the history of art, as well as in understanding the work of these two central members of American avant-garde music, I thought they should be seen. These are recreations that I made for that purpose. I hope you enjoy.


flyntTwo sides of instruction sheet

Henry Flynt, January 1961 (Two sides of sheet)



Henry Flynt, January 1961 (Two sides of sheet)



Henry Flynt, January 1961 (one side of sheet)



Henry Flynt, January 1961



Tony Conrad, Summer 1961



Tony Conrad, Summer 1961

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